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Estate Law Attorneys Guiding Clients Through The Probate Process

When mourning the death of someone you love, the last things you want to focus on are paperwork and meeting legal requirements. Unfortunately, this is the reality for families in Indiana who are required to go through probate.

The reassuring news is that skilled help is available. When you contact Miller Sachs & Hess, PC, our attorneys will help you assess your probate obligations and guide you through the process from start to finish.

When Is Probate Necessary Or Required In Indiana?

Generally speaking, an estate must go through probate if it has more than $50,000 in assets and the decedent (the person who died) didn’t take steps to bypass probate during the estate planning process. These would include measures like creating a revocable living trust, naming beneficiaries in applicable insurance/retirement policies and transferring ownership of real estate using transfer-on-death deeds.

If the estate is worth less than $50,000, the person overseeing the estate can use small estate affidavits to transfer property. It is important to note that if a will exists, the will needs to be filed with the court even if the estate is worth less than $50,000.

Let Our Attorneys Handle The Difficult Work For You

Estates that do not meet the exceptions above must go through probate, which can be a lengthy, detailed and time-consuming process. The tasks involved in probate include:

  • Filing all necessary paperwork with the probate court
  • Making a public probate notice and working with any creditors that come forward to make claims on the estate
  • Notifying named heirs
  • Locating and inventorying all estate assets
  • Filing a final tax return and settling estate debts
  • Distributing remaining assets to named heirs according to the terms of the will
  • Making appearances in probate court, as required

The probate process often takes between six months and a year to complete. And as you can see, it is a lot of work for the person named as executor or representative. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. When you hire our firm, our attorneys can handle much of this work for you, leaving you free to focus on supporting your loved ones during this difficult time.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Options

If you need to tend to a loved one’s estate and don’t know where to start, contact Miller Sachs & Hess, PC, to speak with one of our experienced and compassionate probate attorneys. We will explore your options and explain how we can help you settle the estate efficiently and cost-effectively. To get started, send us a message online or call us in Crown Point, Indiana, at 219-227-4259.