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Looking To Your Future After Property Division In Divorce

What every divorce has in common is the division of marital assets. It is the fundamental legal impact of divorce, whether or not there are children and whether or not spousal support is appropriate. Splitting up possessions held in common by a married couple means that when the divorce is complete, those things — real estate, vehicles, household goods and other assets — will have new ownership in most cases. Indiana is an equitable distribution state, which means a family law judge will expect a fair division of your property that may or may not be 50-50. To ensure that your interests are protected through this process, work with an experienced divorce lawyer at Miller Sachs & Hess, PC Former clients have thanked us for our caring, cost-effective and personalized representation.

What Matters Most To You As You Prepare To Split Up Assets?

Many couples believe they agree on an equitable division of property as they approach divorce negotiations. In practical terms, however, disagreements often arise in areas spouses had failed to consider in detail, such as division of:

  • Retirement accounts
  • Business assets
  • Real estate other than the marital home
  • Stocks, bonds and cyber-based monetary units
  • Sentimental items and collectibles
  • Debts
  • Assets that will come in the future, such as deferred executive bonuses

Discover Resolutions That Make Sense For Your Family

Whether through settlement negotiations, through mediation or in a trial, you and your spouse must arrive at a conclusion or a family law judge will give you one. Beware of leaving these all-important decisions to a judge who does not know you well. You and your husband or wife know best what matters most. A settlement agreement that takes into account the big picture for both of you, as well as details that matter the most — such as possession of a pet or investment property — will be a settlement you should not have to take to trial.

Our experienced lawyers have guided clients through contested and uncontested divorces, military divorces, high-asset divorces and divorces involving difficult factors such as addictions, adultery and disability. We will work to protect your rights and interests as you divide retirement accounts through qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs) or grapple with decisions that may or may not help your business or other investments and assets stay intact after the divorce.

Get The Discussion Underway

We are here to inform, guide and advocate for you during this challenging transition in your personal and financial life. We will help you avoid accusations that you have hidden assets or help you uncover your spouse’s hidden assets, if necessary.

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