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Caring Assistance With Child Custody And Support

While disputes about finances are critically important for a couple that is splitting up, there is one aspect of the process that you cannot put a price on: child custody. Making sure that you end up with a child custody agreement that meets your needs — as well as those of your children — is important.

Divorce is not just the end of a marriage; it’s the end of a family unit that may have existed for a long time. At the law firm of Sachs & Hess, P.C., we understand the human component in a divorce or separation of an unmarried couple. That’s why we get to know our clients as people — to better help them stand up for what they believe in when they are ending their relationships or dealing with other matters of family law.

We Work To Ensure Fairness For Our Indiana Clients

While child custody arrangements are very personal, the issues of child support and spousal maintenance — known to many people as alimony — are personal as well. Of course, they have a financial component attached to them, too. Our lawyers will work hard to make sure that the amounts their clients have to pay or receive are appropriate and just.

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