A statement from the lawyers and staff at Sachs & Hess P.C.

A statement from the lawyers and staff at Sachs & Hess, P.C.

The lawyers and staff at Sachs & Hess, P.C. understand that the needs of our existing clients, and new clients, are consistent and do not stop with school closures and the recent pandemic. Therefore, we wish to inform you that we are working and available to answer any and all questions by telephone or e-mail regarding your case and any recent concerns that may be raised due to the coronavirus pandemic and government orders. Many of the local courts are continuing court hearings until after May 1st and will only consider emergency filings. All federal, state, county and city courts have notified members of the local bar advising that litigants’ attendance at any and all hearings is not encouraged and that attorneys should be encouraged to attend by telephone when possible.

To our family law clients, many of you have questioned what impact school closures and a possible mandated quarantine may have on parenting time. Without specific knowledge of an infected family member or contact with an infected person, it is our belief that all parenting time shall continue as ordered by the Court. To the extent that one parent is off from work due to the circumstances and another parent is working, the parents are encouraged to consult the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines as to opportunity for additional parenting time. Again, we are here to answer any questions you may have by telephone or e-mail.

If you are a new client, please feel free to contact our office to arrange for a consultation, at (219)365-3333.