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Speeding and your teenage driver: What to know and do

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Teenagers are absolutely thrilled when they pass their driver’s license test and can get behind the wheel. They love to hop in the car and head to parties, school, work or concerts without being subjected to the stern presence of Mom or Dad. The feeling of finally being “grown-up” is a meaningful experience in any teen’s life.

As a parent, you may not be quite so excited about your teen’s newfound freedom. In particular, you may be concerned about speeding.

Teen recklessness when it comes to speeding stems from several possible causes. They are beginners at driving and are still learning good habits when they are on the road. Their maturity level is continually evolving. as well. They simply don’t have the good judgment that comes mainly with more experience and age.

What parents or guardians should tell their teen drivers about speeding

As a parent, you can influence your teen’s driving behavior when you consistently exhibit the acceptable driving behavior you want to see. In addition, you should sit your teen down and have a frank discussion about speeding:

  • Tell them clearly that a minimal increase in speed, maybe just a few miles per hour, can elevate the chances of a crash exponentially.
  • Emphasize the wisdom of maintaining a reasonable amount of space between them and the car directly in front of their own car.
  • If they have a bunch of their pals in the car, that must not be a distraction. A driver’s eyes and mind always have to be focused solely on driving and monitoring the road conditions.

You may also want to tie driving privileges with good driving behavior. A speeding ticket could equal no access to the car for a month, for example.

Becoming a responsible driver is a process. You can certainly pitch in by providing gentle guidance and advice to your teen. Unfortunately, you can only influence your own teen — not other drivers on the road. If your teen falls victim to a speeding or otherwise negligent driver, make sure that you take action to protect their interests and get the compensation they deserve.


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