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Drunk drivers may not appear drunk

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you want to avoid getting into an accident with a drunk driver, your best option is clearly to look for signs of intoxication. Examples include swerving all over the road, driving on the edge of the lane, braking for no reason or speeding up and slowing down constantly. 

It’s helpful to look for these issues and stay far away from drivers you think might be intoxicated, of course, but it’s not a perfect system. The problem is that many drunk individuals do not actually show that many signs of intoxication

Many factors are involved in how drunk someone appears

Alcohol may affect people in similar ways, but it’s not always the same. One person may become more outgoing and talkative, while another becomes quiet and reserved. On the road, the same thing is true. Two drunk people may make very different mistakes. 

You also have to consider the differences in alcohol tolerance between people. Someone who drinks frequently is likely going to have a vastly higher alcohol tolerance, and they may not even act drunk when they’re over the legal limit for presumed intoxication. This doesn’t mean they aren’t impaired, but it’s hard for anyone but them to know. 

Similarly, those who drive drunk often tend to get better at it — and most drunk drivers have driven while under the influence repeatedly before getting caught. 

What to do after an accident with a drunk driver

Since you can’t always spot and avoid drunk drivers, an accident is always a possibility. Be sure you know exactly what steps to take if you get injured and need to seek compensation for your costs. 


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