Motorcycle Accidents

Your Motorcycle Accident Case Requires Special Handling

Isn’t a motorcycle accident and injury claim like any other traffic accident claim for compensation? Yes, and no.

Yes, motorcycle accidents share similarities with car accidents. In any accident on the road, traffic laws and road conditions may be relevant. A motorcycle accident, like a car accident, can injure someone badly or prove to be fatal.

And no, motorcycle accidents are unique, with many special issues to consider. For example:

  • Motorcycle operation may fall under certain laws, like the law in Indiana stipulating that a motorcycle should have a headlamp or reflectors when operated after dark.
  • Injuries are typically severe and may be quite different from injuries suffered in a car accident. For example, a motorcycle accident may cause road rash, which can be a serious and painful skin injury.
  • Motorcyclists do not have the protection of a car or truck body. For this reason, a motorcyclist may be tossed in the air like a rag doll when struck by a motor vehicle.
  • The police, judges and juries tend to be biased against motorcycle users. “They were asking for it,” they may think when hearing about a motorcycle accident and injuries.
  • Insurance tends to be inadequate to cover the costs of a very serious injury. Injured motorcyclists may be able to recover compensation, but often it is not nearly enough.

When a lawyer from our law firm represents you, you can rest assured that we have years of experience overcoming these difficulties for our clients who were injured in motor vehicle accidents. Since Indiana is an at-fault state, we work hard to prove that our clients were not at fault and/or that drivers of other vehicles were at fault. This distinction can affect how much you can recover after your motorcycle crash.

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