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3 reasons Indiana has a high number of truck accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Personal Injury |

No matter where you drive in Indiana, you face the risk of a traffic accident with a commercial truck.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 4,965 fatalities occurred in 2020 due to a collision with a large truck. In Indiana, a number of reasons increase the chances of a truck collision. The three below often top the list.

1. Trucking hub

Often dubbed the “Crossroads of America,” the state has eight interstates and numerous highways and auxiliary interstates, public and private ports, and numerous railroads. That makes it the perfect place for manufacturers and logistics companies to call home. From importing to exporting, all of those businesses mean high truck traffic on rural and urban roads. Research compiled by Green Car Congress ranks Indiana as third in rural truck traffic, accounting for 34.3% of traffic, and fifth in urban areas at 19.9%.

2. Dangerous roads

While the state boasts an impressive number of roads, that also means a higher chance for dangerous roads and intersections. With seemingly nonstop truck traffic on I-80, it comes as no surprise that the 167-mile stretch of road sees its fair share of accidents. I-65, which runs north and south, has a healthy mix of commuters and truckers, upping the risk of a traffic accident.

3. Strained drivers

The trucking industry serves a vital role in keeping the country running. Unfortunately, the job of a truck driver comes with a multitude of stressors that often go unnoticed. From fatigue to developing health issues and getting distracted, one second of not paying attention may have deadly consequences.

Although avoiding an accident comes with no guarantees, understanding that the state has a lot of trucks on the road may help serve as a reminder to stay prepared for anything.


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