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3 helpful tips to keep you safer as you get ready for spring driving

On Behalf of | May 6, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If beautiful spring weather makes you want to get out and drive, you should be aware that there are many season-specific hazards that could impact you. Take, for example, the fact that hail is more common in spring. Do you know what to do if hail starts falling while you’re driving? What about tornadoes or flooding?

To handle these varied weather conditions, you’ll need to be prepared to focus on the road. You may also want to take courses on driving in hazardous weather.  Here are helpful tips to keep you safer as you get ready for spring driving:

Check the weather

To start with, check the weather before you go out. If a thunderstorm is likely in the afternoon and may be severe, make sure you are prepared to hunker down wherever you are until it passes. You don’t want to get caught in dangerous conditions and find yourself unable to pull over.

Watch out for potholes

Be aware that potholes may be plentiful. As the weather warms and cools, pavement may break away. Be watchful and slow down or avoid them when possible if you see any.

Prepare for animal movements

Finally, prepare for animals. Spring is a time of migration so you should slow down in areas where animals are more common. Like any other safety tip, the best way to prevent an accident is to stay alert when driving. If you know animals are common in the area, pay attention not only to other cars but to the sides of the road where animals may dart across.


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