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What benefits does shared custody hold?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2022 | Child Custody, Divorce |

It is always best to make choices during divorce based on what is best for the family unit as a whole, with particular attention to what suits the child best.

In such situations, it is more likely than not that shared custody will serve as the best option. What benefits does it offer?

Coping and adult lives

Psychology Today discusses shared custody as a whole. Studies over the years focus on the difference between children raised in a sole custody situation and children raised in joint custody situations.

Generally speaking, those raised in joint custody seem to have better coping mechanisms that start at a younger age. This can include children treating their peers well, rather than lashing out. It also includes a respect for authority figures, rather than oppositional defiance.

These children often go on to have healthier adult lives. They tend to struggle less with issues like addiction, including drugs, alcohol or gambling. They also have more fruitful and healthier relationships, especially when it comes to romantic partners.

Mental health

Many of these children report fewer instances of anxiety, stress, trauma and depression. Those reported cases also seem less severe on a whole than children of joint custody.

Some exceptions exist, of course. Children who have a parent accused of abuse or neglect would often be better off without that parent in their life. Likewise, a parent who does not want to remain in a child’s life will likely only leave a negative impact.

In those situations, sole custody may serve a better purpose. But in many situations, joint custody could provide the bigger benefit.


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