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What should riders know to stay safe?

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

It is no secret that motorcycle riders often face a higher rate of risk on the road than other drivers. Due to a combination of lack of protection, poor visibility, vehicle size and more, motorcyclists often face serious injury potential in every crash they wind up in.

To that end, it is important for all riders to know the top ways to maximize safety on the roads.

Wear all proper gear

Twisted Road provides many useful tips for the public which can help preserve motorcyclist safety. First, a rider should prepare and take precautionary measures before even getting on his or her motorcycle. For example, all riders should have a full-face helmet with a face shield. All gear including the helmet should have a proper fit to the rider’s head, too. An ill-fitting helmet may not provide much protection and can even do more damage.

Plan ahead

All safe motorcyclists should hit the road with a plan, too. Know what the weather looks like for the day and double-check it before heading out. Riders should understand their limits, as well. If the weather looks dicey, do not try to push it. Just one slip on a slick patch of road is all it takes to get into a catastrophic crash.

Double-check equipment before riding

Check all gear before setting off. Make sure crucial safety features like headlights, brake lights and turn signals work. Adjust mirrors if necessary. And finally, always drive defensively. Riders are unfortunately invisible to most other drivers even with reflective tape or bright yellow jackets. A safe rider should always approach the road ready to dodge any danger that comes his or her way.


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