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Will nesting work for you?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2022 | Divorce |

As parents who have decided to split, it is important to maintain as much harmony in the house as possible for the sake of your children. But exactly how do you do that, especially if you and your co-parent cannot co-exist healthily right now?

You can look into nesting instead. This housing situation could potentially serve as the answer to your problems.

What is it?

Divorce Mag discusses the benefits related to nesting. First and foremost, what is nesting? This form of housing takes its name from the behavior of birds. A baby bird remains in the nest until the time comes for it to fly. In the meanwhile, both the mother and father will visit the nest intermittently while the bird stays put the whole time.

Nesting, or bird nesting, also takes on a similar form for humans. In this, your children will remain in the family home instead of venturing out to you or your co-parent’s separate property. Instead, you and your co-parent will trade off who stays in the family home with the kids while the kids never leave the house.

How does it benefit your kids?

This provides a huge boost of stability to your children, as they do not have to worry about readjusting to a new environment and new surroundings in the midst of an already painful and confusing time in their life. Stability allows them to process this tough situation in a healthier way and can set them up for fewer problems in the future, too.

While nesting does not work for every family, it is still a good option to keep in mind and consider.


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