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Risk factors associated with truck driver fatigue

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

If you become involved in a large truck crash, the accident could derail your life in many different ways. Aside from the consequences of an injury, such as extreme pain and immobility, many of these accidents claim lives. Victims often face many challenges on their path to recovery, from medical costs and lost wages to mental trauma and legal stressors.

Truck accidents continue to occur for various reasons, and fatigue plays a role in many large truck accidents. It is crucial for drivers to examine statistics and risks connected with truck driver fatigue.

Truck driver fatigue has many causes

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides information on truck driver fatigue, including the reasons why so many truckers become drowsy. Fatigue can pose a threat after a trucker drives for too long, and many truck drivers are drowsy because they do not get the right amount of sleep. In fact, even a single night of poor sleep can affect driving abilities and result in a crash.

Additionally, some truck drivers struggle with fatigue after taking certain medications, and poor eating habits can adversely affect sleep patterns.

The consequences of truck driver fatigue

According to the FMCSA, a study on large truck crashes found that 13% of those driving commercial vehicles suffered from fatigue when the accident occurred. Truck drivers struggling with fatigue have more difficulty focusing on the road, avoiding hazards and making the right decisions behind the wheel. In fact, some even fall asleep while driving.

If a drowsy truck driver caused an accident that left you with serious hardships, you need to hold them answerable.


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