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What happens if you violate a protective order in Indiana?

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2020 | Divorce, Domestic Violence/Protective Orders |

Domestic violence affects people all over the state of Indiana in a broad range of family situations. People seek protective orders to prevent a current or former family member or intimate partner from contacting them or coming to their home, sometimes in situations where there hasn’t been any physical violence yet.

However, many people who obtain such protective orders eventually regret the decision to do so and attempt to re-initiate contact with the person against whom they secured a protective order. What happens to you if you get caught spending time with the subject of a protective order while it is still in effect?

In some cases, a violation can lead to criminal charges

Showing up at someone’s house or place of employment when they have an order of protection in place is a dangerous decision. The same is true of attempting to contact them on social media or on the phone.

If the other person reports you to police and law enforcement can substantiate their claims, your actions could result in fines or incarceration. You could face charges such as stalking or harassment.

If the alleged victim initiated contact, that can complicate things

Violations of protective orders aren’t always clear-cut acts of harassment or stalking. Often, the person who got the protective order will reach out and ask the person named on the order to spend time with them. Such actions can potentially provide a defense if you these allegations of violating the order – especially if there’s a history this.

Talking with an attorney about the protective order and the circumstances that led to the alleged violation can help you decide what to do next.


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