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Is the start of the new year going to be the end of your marriage?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2020 | Divorce |

The first working Monday of the new year falls on Jan. 4, 2021. Family court systems and divorce lawyers everywhere are bracing themselves because they expect to be quite busy on “Divorce Day” and after for quite a while.

What’s the big rush to divorce in January?

The annual rush to file for divorce is a phenomenon that’s been gaining more attention in recent years as people seek to understand exactly why it happens. Here are the theories:

  • Some couples still retain tender feelings for each other. Despite the problems in their marriage, they feel guilty about breaking up during the holidays when everyone is supposed to be cheerful and romantic.
  • Spouses worked hard to keep the holidays sacrosanct. Couples with kids often “tough it out” through one more December in an effort to protect their children’s holiday experience.
  • Other couples may have hoped the holidays would bring them closer together. Instead, the intense togetherness of the season can amplify the problems in the relationship and drives them further apart.
  • Some people are deeply affected by the coming of the new year. They set goals for themselves around their mental and physical well-being — and that may lead them to finally act on their feelings of marital dissatisfaction.

Are you ready to get a divorce?

Whatever your reasons for seeking a divorce in the new year, you’re hardly alone. It is important, however, to go into the process in an informed and proactive manner. Talking to an experienced family law attorney here in Crown Point can help you better understand the challenges in your case and the potential solutions.


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