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Distracted drivers are a danger on Indiana’s roads

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Drivers who can’t give their full attention to the road pose a hazard to themselves and others around them. It’s imperative that drivers do not lose focus behind the wheel. Some motorists are surprised to find out that distractions come in more forms than just cellphones.

A distraction is anything that requires a driver to take their mind off driving, their hands off the wheel or their eyes off the road. Even looking at a billboard or changing a radio station is a distraction. Drivers who are thinking about matters at home or work are also distracted. Eating, drinking, taking care of personal hygiene and talking to other occupants of a vehicle are also distracting for drivers.

While long distractions are an obvious danger, shorter ones can also be deadly. According to the CDC, in only five seconds, your vehicle moves the length of a football field if you’re going 55 mph. Interestingly, five seconds is the approximate amount of time it takes the average person to read or send a text.

Starting the recovery process

Far too many people suffer injuries or die due to distracted drivers in this country. These are preventable accidents, which makes them even more tragic. Simply paying attention to driving instead of other things can avert a crash that alters someone’s future or claims their life.

For those who suffer injuries and those who have had loved ones perish in distracted driving collisions, seeking compensation might be beneficial. This provides them with a chance to recover financial damages they suffered, but it can also offer some closure by holding the distracted driver accountable for their actions.


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