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Reasons older drivers may become unsafe

On Behalf of | May 6, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Losing a diver’s license is often very difficult for an elderly individual. It may represent a loss of freedom. It may just feel like a massive change after so long; they’ve been driving for decades. It may also force them to face some realities about their condition and the changes in their life.

As hard as this can be, though, it is important for some elderly drivers to surrender their driving privileges in the name of safety for themselves and everyone else on the road. Reasons that they may become unsafe drivers at this point in their lives include:

  • They cannot see well enough to really take in the world around them.
  • Physical reaction times slow down and they struggle to do things like moving their foot from one pedal to the next.
  • Cognitive issues could lead to confusion and memory loss, which can be deadly on the road.
  • They may not recognize hazards or dangerous conditions around them.
  • They may be more prone to distraction and find it difficult to focus on the road.
  • They may not feel comfortable driving with the speed of traffic.

These issues are different for everyone. Some elderly drivers may retain all of their physical abilities but struggle with cognitive problems. Others may mentally still grasp driving and understand how to be safe, but their bodies may let them down and make it harder to actually put that safety into practice.

What happens when an elderly person causes an accident? When this occurs, it is very important for those who get injured to know about their legal rights.


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