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Two major ways divorce may affect you

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2020 | Divorce |

The decision to divorce is one that may take you some time to make. You probably didn’t just wake up one morning and realize the marriage was over. While you might realize that the end of your marriage means that you’re going to have to split up your assets, there are other ways that this situation might affect you. Thinking about these can help you plan ahead as you go through your divorce

Here are two of the top things you may want to anticipate:

1. Your finances are going to suffer some because of the split.

You are going to learn how to live on a single income instead of two, but your monthly bills probably won’t change much. One way that you can combat a financial crunch is by sitting down to create a budget as early as possible. Even if you have a higher income, this can still help you to get an accurate depiction of your finances now. Don’t forget to put in extraordinary expenses that you might face now. These include things like legal fees, deposits and similar bills that come up as you move into the single life. 

2. You will likely experience the emotional impacts of the end of the marriage harder than you anticipate.

Some people who want a divorce might think they won’t deal with negative emotions afterward — but you’ll likely still go through a grieving process. You may feel upset that you don’t have someone special there to share things with or that you wasted so much time on a marriage that ended. Holidays might invoke these emotions particularly strongly, so be prepared.


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