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Avoid fighting in front of your kids: Try these 3 tips

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2020 | Child Custody, Divorce |

As you go through your divorce, something that is important to you is protecting your children from the disputes and arguments you may have. It’s necessary to help them see that adults can be reasonable and respectful, even when they disagree.

You and your spouse both agree that you should do what you can to avoid arguing or fighting in front of your kids. Unfortunately, you don’t get along well, so it can be hard to manage. What should you do?

Limit divorce discussions around your children

To start with, limit talking about divorce to times when your children aren’t around. You and your spouse may have an argument, but if your kids aren’t present, then they won’t need to see that side of your situation.

Focus your time and effort on being supportive when you’re with your children

When you are with your kid, focus on them, not on yourselves. You and your spouse realize that negativity and arguments can have a negative impact on your children, so focus on being positive. Talk to them about their school day or work with them on homework. Spend time participating in activities together, but don’t talk about divorce with your spouse in front of them.

If you do have to discuss the divorce with your kids, create a plan

If you will need to talk to your children about divorce, make a plan. You and your spouse should set up rules in advance and decide if you want to discuss it together or separately. This can help get you on the same page and help you avoid disputes while your kids are present.

With kids, you need to be cautious about the things you say and do. Fortunately, if you’re both willing to consider your children’s best interests, you’ll be on the right path to limiting their exposure to disputes.


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